Images commissioned by  Dere Street Homes where later published through Silver Bullet Marketing in the Journal Home Maker. 

Schmap Ireland Second Edition is an online interactive tourist Guide to Ireland. I was asked if they could included an image of the General Post Office on Parnell Street which they found on Flickr.


Beyond The Tracks is a documentary following the life of the volunteers at the Stephenson Railway Museum, North Shields.


Local author Fiona Veitch Smith has written Different Tracks, a collection of three short stories which is available as a free eBook download available at Smashwords. I was very fortunate to asked by Fiona to use one of my images from my Documentary Beyond The Tracks.


Northern Spirit was a regional competition that invited local photographers and artists to submit their work to show the changing scene in and around Newcastle and the River Tyne in the past and the present. Adam entered three images for the competition, of which two were chosen for the exhibition at the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle Upon Tyne.